Graphic Designer’s Biggest Pet Peeves

Eye-catching graphic design is integral to any business’s marketing strategy. However, it can seem impossible to get what you’re looking for if you have bumpy communication with your graphic designer. We’ve sat down with one of Midwest Marketing’s own graphic designers to pick their brain on some common pet peeves of graphic designers in order to help make the process a little easier.

1. Photoshop Skills ≠ Graphic Design Skills

At the top of my list is when someone says, “I have Photoshop” or “I use Canva” and label themselves as designers. Anyone whom has a laptop and a copy of Photoshop can promote themselves as a “graphic designer” and say YouTube is a great place to learn new techniques. Some people think graphic design is knowing how to use a piece of software like Photoshop or another free downloadable design app. Yes, YouTube is a great place to learn, not arguing that, but it’s like thinking being a chef is knowing how to use a knife.

2. Starting a Sentence with “Can You Just…”

“It just needs designing.”

“That would only take a few minutes, right?”

“Make it look good, but don’t spend too long!”

“How much? My kid has Photoshop, I’ll ask them.”

In today’s fast-paced world, with everyone demanding instant gratification, we have become lazy. There is nothing instant about well-done graphic design. If you want something designed that is going to benefit your business, you should expect that an experienced graphic designer is going to want to take some time to accomplish that goal.

3. Thinking Logo Design is Simple

“Logos are easy, it shouldn’t take that long.” Translation – “I don’t want to pay much because all you do is use a piece of clip art slapped in front of a company name in some fancy typeface.”

Don’t try to save a few dollars and assume your nephew in high school can design a successful logo for your company. And the chances of a $15 logo taking your business to the next level is slim to none. If your business is important to you, then it deserves the best possible chance to compete with your competitors.

4. Indecisive Clients

You know them. You dread getting emails from them while working on a job of theirs, and you have a million different versions of the project saved. No one expects everyone to agree on everything the first time. Revisions are a necessary part of the job. But it can be somewhat irksome when, after 18 or so revisions and updates, the client goes back and chooses version one. Trust us seasoned designers, we do know what we are doing!

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