3 Myths that Annoy Graphic Designers

The graphic design team at Midwest Marketing has over 50 years of experience in producing award-winning designs for our clients. Throughout those years, we’ve learned some valuable lessons in designer-client relationships that has made the process more streamlined and resulted in both happier clients and designers. We sat down with one of our designers to get the scoop on the common myths that can impede the design process and that just makes everyone’s life a little harder – continue reading to learn all about it!

#1 Anyone Who Knows Photoshop is a Designer

Have you ever heard one of your colleagues say something like, “I gave it to Bob to design. He knows a little Photoshop. He can create a logo for us.” If knowing Photoshop makes you a designer, then it would be like saying just because I have a pen at my desk, I’m a writer. I’m not, nor do I claim to be. In fact, I hate writing. While watching tutorials and learning how to use Adobe programs gives you the basic idea, it takes schooling and experience to learn design fundamentals. There is way more to graphic design than knowing a bit of Photoshop.

#2 You Have to Be Creative to Be a Graphic Designer

There is no doubt that the majority of those that explore the world of graphic design have a naturally creative and artistic side. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a natural born artist to make effective designs. Graphic design is a skill that can be learned. For example: I have been a graphic designer for many, many years. I do have an artistic background with a college degree in commercial art. However, I am self-taught when it comes to Adobe programs. Does that contradict myth #1? Not really – I already know the fundamentals of design and use them when I learn new techniques.

#3 Graphic Designers Know Everything

Did you know that graphic designers are also mind readers? Not! Many may think that just because I’m a graphic designer, I know everything and won’t need input or clarification for your design project. I hate to break it, but you’re wrong. What needs to be understood is that for a design project to be successful, there has to be communication between the designer and client. It is important, as a client, that you clearly express your expectations for the project. Detailed communication from both sides will eliminate misunderstandings and set your project up for success.

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