7 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy graphic light bulb

Think that a limited budget means ineffective marketing? Think again! If you’re a small business owner, or anyone trying to build a customer base without a lot of money, we have some great news for you – you can make an impact at little (or no) cost. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity and time, both of which the digital marketing team at Midwest Marketing are more than happy to help with.

Here are some easy free or low-budget ways to market your business:

1. Recycle Content

You invest a lot of time and money in creating videos, social media posts, ads, blogs, and other marketing materials for your company – don’t use them once and then throw them away! Analyze your website, social media, and ad account analytics to determine the assets that were the most effective and re-use or repurpose them! You may want to make an update here or there to freshen up the creative or revise outdated information, but doing so is a lot simpler than starting from scratch.


2. Record Video with Your Phone

You probably know by now that video is a must-have in your marketing strategy, but you may think that acquiring video for your brand is expensive and requires a professional. We’re here to tell you that you have everything you need to create engaging, eye-catching video – your phone. We even have some helpful tips so you can record DIY footage that you can be proud of.


3. Create a Free Google My Business Account

If you don’t already have a Google My Business (GMB) account for your company, it’s time to get cracking. GMB has become an essential marketing tool, giving businesses the ability to show up more often in relevant searches on Google and giving customers an easy way to find the products and services they need. Best of all, it’s super simple to claim and create your profile.


4. Use Tags on Social Media

Tagging partner businesses, popular local influencers, and other relevant people/brands on social media is an excellent way to broaden your reach and potentially get seen by a whole new group of potential customers. Find ways to add tags into your posts naturally, and make sure you’re tagging the right page before you publish your post.


5. Do Local SEO

Google’s goal is to serve up the most accurate, local results for each search query, giving small businesses a more even playing field when competing with large competitors for prime real estate in search results. Some things you should do to optimize for local searches is:

  • Add location-based keywords to your website pages (“Rapid City Restaurant”, for example).
  • Claim and optimize your listing on local online directories.
  • Include landing pages or blogs that are specific to the neighborhoods you serve.

6. Form a Partnership

Much like tagging, teaming up with local businesses that are related to your industry (but not direct competitors) helps you gain exposure to a new audience. Make a plan surrounding your collaboration: create a strategy, clarify both party’s expectations, and assess how you’ll work together before making things official.


7. Turn Employees into Your Brand’s Biggest Cheerleaders

Despite all the recent advancements in digital marketing, word of mouth remains as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Think about it – your employees stand to benefit from an increase in business revenue, so why not leverage their voices to connect with your audience? Encourage them to share your company’s posts to their own social media accounts, as well as to invite their friends and family to follow your business’s social media profiles.


Need help making the most out of your small marketing budget? Our team is here to help! Contact us today!