Why You Should Use a Marketing Agency for Media Strategy

First and foremost, a marketing agency is not a vendor, they are your strategic partner. An agency not only works on marketing but serves as a business advisor and advocator. Most importantly, they are your marketing expert. Just like you hire a plumber because they have all the knowledge, training, tools and supplies to fix your leak, you work with an agency because they have the expertise to get the job done right. Here is why you need to use a marketing agency for your media strategy:

1. They Are Your Comprehensive Strategic Partner

While agencies originally placed media and earned commissions, agencies today have transitioned to serve as a strategic partner for clients, offering the insight necessary to analyze media options in conjunction with developing effective messages for those media placements. They also provide reporting to ensure your marketing campaigns are helping you reach your goals.

2. They Have a Diverse Staff with Relevant Skills

A marketing company has the staff and the time to manage a project from beginning to end. They not only can design the logo, but implement the logo into a brochure, television commercial and digital ad. These projects require a wide range of interconnected skills and abilities, as well as the appropriate time spent on each to ensure cost control and ROI objectives.

3. They Serve as the Middleman

Agencies save you time by handling all sales calls, presentations, pitches, and marketing meetings. If you have ever been on the phone with a sales rep or had an unexpected encounter, however great it may be, you just do not have the time, attention, or knowhow to truly make an informed decision. When you work with an agency, they become the point of contact for all the media sales reps.

4. They Have Buying Power and Leverage

It is likely you won’t have the buying power of an agency. That is because an agency can leverage the collective billings of all their clients to benefit each individual client. This buying power can help your campaigns have better cost and ad positioning. Buying media in bulk is one of the best ways to ensure your advertising dollars stretch as far as they can.

5. They Are Certified

Agencies oftentimes have their own dedicated Google and Facebook team members at their disposal. Being a Google Partner signifies that a company has multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, continuously meet Google’s performance standards, show growth in client base, and participate in ongoing trainings.

6. They Effectively Allocate Your Marketing Dollars

Marketing agencies review quantitative and qualitative data in the marketplace to ensure your money is being allocated to the appropriate media outlets. Instead of you having to make an educated guess of which radio, television station, or digital marketing platform you should advertise on, your marketing firm will match your customer demographic with the perfect partners.

Our experienced marketing strategists will collaborate with you to create a plan that is sure to see results for your business. Once that is done, they track and tweak your strategy to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. From the biggest to the tiniest details, we will be there every step of the way. Contact us today for help building the perfect media strategy for your business!