5 Ways to Use Interactivity to Enhance Your Content Marketing

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content allows the viewer to actively participate in the message that you are sending, from answering questions in a quiz to testing products virtually. While there are many kinds of interactive content, we have included examples that can be easily incorporated into any marketing strategy without breaking your budget.

Educate with Infographics

Infographics have long been used to pass along valuable information in a fun and interesting way. However, since they are used so often, a standard static infographic does not make the same impact as it once did. That’s where interactive infographics come in! Perfect for relaying large amounts of information, interactive charts, diagrams, and graphs allow your audience to consume the data at a comfortable pace. Although they usually take more effort and time to create, they often result in significantly more engagement and shares.

Check out a fun example of interactive infographics in action: The Evolution of the Web

Engage with Live Video

Choosing to livestream your event, product demonstration, or interview can help you gain more exposure for your brand than simply recording it for later use. In fact, people watch four times more live videos than pre-recorded ones, making livestreaming a no-brainer for getting your message heard by the masses. Utilizing live video also builds up anticipation for your audience leading up to the big show and creates a sense of authenticity that is difficult to achieve with video that has been cut and edited.

Optimize with Quizzes, Surveys and Poll

We have already outlined how personalizing your content will help in increasing conversions and ROI, now we want to let you in on an easy way you can put that practice into motion to optimize all of your marketing efforts. Since people can be reluctant to part with information, using surveys, quizzes, and polls are a great way to collect email address and other relevant customer information.

Need a great example? Try out this cool bike finder quiz!

Provide Fast Answers with Calculators

Guide your customers in the decision-making process with interactive calculators that provide insight in a unique way. Much like quizzes, calculators are another way you can collect your customer’s data without seeming intrusive, and, if the calculator is created right, most people are more than happy to participate.

Evaluate your fashion footprint and see why calculators can be so effective: Fashion Footprint Calculator (thredup.com)

Generate Buzz with Augmented Reality

It doesn’t have to cost big bucks to really wow your audience with some augmented reality (AR). A couple of ways that brands have added AR is by using interactive tours and letting customers virtually “try on” items such as makeup or clothes. Both are great for giving your customer an in-depth experience with your business before they even set foot in the door. Another AR tactic that is effective are Snapchat filters, which allow your customers to interact with your company in a way that is totally unique and memorable.

Inspired to add some interactivity to your marketing strategy but not sure where to start? Contact the experts at Midwest Marketing! Our team stays current on the latest technology to offer you cutting edge solutions that make you stand out!