A Day In The Life of an Owner of a Marketing Agency

As the owner of Midwest Marketing for almost twenty years, days have been long, days have been short, and days (and nights) have always been busy. Read on for more on what the typical day looks like for me, Dawn, the owner of one of the top marketing agencies in the Black Hills.

(Extremely) Early Mornings

As my staff knows, my day typically starts with my “3am idea” – many which have been inspirations for successful campaigns for clients over the years. For some reason, my brain seems to think creatively at 3am. My office workday usually starts shortly after 7am. This time is important to me because I am able to pile through a lot of work before the rest of the staff arrives. As an agency owner, my job is to control the chaos while at the same time making sure we are meeting or exceeding our customers deadlines. Client and staff meetings, dozens of calls and texts, along with thousands of emails a week, can cause my day to fill up fast. I even take care of smaller tasks like watering plants and taking out the garbage.

Saying “Goodbye” to Late Nights

When I first opened Midwest Marketing, there were a lot of late nights. That was what it took and that was what I was going to do to meet our clients’ needs. Over the years I have become much better at delegating – trying to work on the business instead of in the business. I do still handle a large number of clients as they are my favorite part. I also work from home when needed, and am able to now enjoy a better work-life balance.

How Does She Do It?

Over the years I have also learned to make better use of my “high time”. Mornings are definitely my high time, the most productive time for innovation and strategy. For me, afternoons are for more task-oriented work and nighttime is for proofreading, writing, reviewing and reflecting. Breaking up my day like this sets me up for success because it ensures that I am able to get everything I need to get done, done.

What Keeps Her Coming Back

The best part of being the owner of Midwest Marketing is seeing the incredible work of our talented staff showcased over the Black Hills area and worldwide online. I love the people who I get to work with day in and day out, customers and employees. And I am lucky enough to truly love what I do. I am truly blessed to be the owner of Midwest Marketing.

Although it’s not easy, over the years I have been able to hone my skills as the owner of a marketing agency so that I can better provide for both my clients and my employees. There’s a lot that goes into running a successful agency – from meeting with clients in order to give them a personable experience, to finding the right talent to help propel Midwest Marketing to the top of local advertising and marketing companies.

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