11 Videos To Inspire Your TikTok Content

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With TikTok being the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, as well as having a huge userbase, it’s a great way to engage and connect with audiences and build brand awareness simultaneously. As such, it can be beneficial for many businesses, regardless of their niche, and can be used to accomplish a variety of goals including employee recruitment efforts. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Organizations that choose to leverage this social media platform must be committed to keeping up with trends and prepared to put in the work to keep their content fresh. TikTok’s mission is to “inspire creativity and bring joy,” which perfectly sums up the kind of content users enjoy creating and viewing. This is also the type of content organizations should make for both their organic posts and paid advertisements.

Afterall, users don’t want to see ads that follow a traditional structure and are impersonal. Oftentimes the best ads are ones that have a do-it-yourself feel and seem like organic content. What do we mean by this? Well, showing is better than telling. So, here are some video ideas and trends for authentic, praiseworthy content.

2023 Video Trends

Let’s kick things off with a handful of video trends. Keeping up with the latest trends and executing them before its popularity wanes is a tall order, but it can be well worth the effort. Although trends are fleeting, they can be useful in gaining traction on a platform organically.

2. Reasons Why


valid reasons #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #apple #working #viral

♬ original sound – smelliot’s priv 😝😝

The punchline here is there isn’t a reason not to do the thing mentioned. It’s a tongue in cheek trend that can nonchalantly mention your brand and appeal to Millennial and Gen Z humor. See more examples here.

2. Before-and-After 


yes, the boxes make a domino 🔥 #slay #dominosuki

♬ original sound – Connor

Before-and-after videos are a clever way to show a change that improved a person’s life (e.g., lifestyle changes) or a brand’s perception (i.e., updates to logos, products, or services). See more examples here.

3. I Feel Bonita


Bonita bite suit #fyp #fypシ #sheriffk9 #apprehensiondog #funnycops #funnyk9


Showcase a comical situation where someone dresses up and is asked if they feel bonita (pretty). Whether it’s done sincerely or ironically, it’s always fun to watch. See more examples here.

4. This Place is Magnificent


Me immediately: babe lets go look at apartments #granolatok #granolagirl #outdoorsy #coloradocheck #hikecolorado #coloradoadventures

♬ original sound – Adventure Family 🌲🥾🏕️

Yet another creative and humorous meme to illustrate a variety of relatable and niche scenarios. See more examples here.

5. This is Your Sign


This is your sign to go glamping 💕 #thesecretgarden #glampinguk #luxuryglamping #staycation #girlstrip#couplesretreat

♬ son original – nathaellabat

From the mundane to the extraordinary, use this video format to communicate an activity that someone should do whether. See more examples here.

One perk of this trend is it has stuck around and remained relevant for awhile. With that in mind, the likelihood of it falling completely out of favor with your audience is not as high as some of the trendier videos previously mentioned.

Evergreen Video Ideas

Now let’s move on to some evergreen video ideas. As the adjective ‘evergreen’ implies, these types of videos never fully go out of style. So, you can take time crafting videos, deploy them when the time is right for your company, and reap the rewards!

1. Show off Your Company


Hello 👋 from the Austin office #Google #Austin #Waterfall

♬ Speed Trap – theLMNOP

Don’t just advertise and post content when you need to hire people! Creating workplace content should be done regularly to show off your business as a great place to be part of as an employee or a customer.

2. Team Interviews


Meet some of our New Jersey colleagues and discover what makes their office special to them! 🌟👥 #teamspirit #workperks #careerdevelopment #careertok #employeetestimonial #officeculture #hybridemployees

♬ original sound – eisneramper_careers

Team interviews are similar to testimonials, but there’s more entertainment value as there’s an opportunity to be spontaneous and authentic with responses. Your employees are your biggest asset, so utilize them for social media!

3. Office Tours


We’re living lavish at our HQ 🤪 #officetour #techjobs #workintech #officelife #AI

♬ 아무노래(Any song) – kozico0914

Office tours are a great way to show off unique features about your workspace, and it also gives viewers the inside scoop on what your company culture is like.

4. Behind-the-Scenes


Replying to @saf 😎 Were honored to be your dream job 🥰 Here’s another look behind the scenes as we make our #beeswaxwraps 💛🦈#behindthescenes #asmr #asmrsounds #canadiansmallbusiness #sustainabilitytiktok #sustainability #ecofriendly #lowwaste #ecotok #ecofriendly #eco #lesswaste

♬ original sound – Goldilocks Goods

What does your team do on a regular basis? Behind-the-scenes videos are an excuse to reveal more about your brand, while enhancing the value of your products and services by showing the hard work that takes place every day.

5. Day in the Life


9-5 city gworlllll day in the life💅🏼 #worklife #london #9to5 #workdayinthelife #corporatetiktok

♬ original sound – alexmayhew

What does a typical day look like? This idea isn’t just about capturing your team member’s job duties, it’s also about their personal lives. An employee’s daily tasks and work routine might be interesting to view, but also show what they’ve been able to accomplish and enjoy outside of their nine-to-five because they work for your business.

6. Job Applications


HIRING HIRING HIRING #hiringnow #jobseeker #hiring #newcareer #remote #jobsearch #careertok

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

Whenever you’re ready to hire, try posting video in tandem with your other marketing efforts. By sharing some of the main requirements and perks, you may be able to get people excited about applying and attract better job applicants.

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