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Blogs are boring. Ours isn't. Browse through our collection of thought-provoking and off the wall articles, brought to you from the creative minds at Midwest Marketing!

The Halfway Mark – Music Report

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Robots Inside Your Phone

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a robot as a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable to perform complex actions… Now that I have started my subpar best man speech, let’s get into what my grandma refers to as the nitty-gritty. Around this time last year, Google published a blog, much like the one …

Vilhjalmur and the Ethics of Advertising

In the early 1900s, an Icelandic explorer named Vilhjalmur Stefansson traveled to the Arctic lands of northern Canada and Alaska to live with, learn from, and study the Inuit people that called these unforgiving lands home. His time spent in these far-away places is documented meticulously in his many works of literature, including his masterpiece, …

Why Use Email Marketing

Back when Lynyrd Skynyrd was the king of rock and roll, John Travolta was greased with lightin’, and Space Invaders were taking over arcades nationwide, something else was brewing in the world of marketing. 1978 feels like it was both forever ago and just yesterday, but way back in 1978 the very first marketing email …

Direct Mail Comeback

Back when I was a boy, I attended college at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD. When I was at DWU I would always look forward to going down to the mailroom, opening up my mailbox and seeing if there were any surprises inside. Often times I was disappointed, as the only thing waiting for …

Drinkin’ Bone

Three years after Y2K, a country music artist by the name of Tracy Byrd explained to the masses that, “two plus two is always four, down is south and up is north, and thirty-two degrees is freezing cold.” While most folks wouldn’t consider this a revolutionary breakthrough in critical thinking, Tracy’s song about his ‘Drinkin’ …

The Great Billboard Debate

As you drive west along Interstate 90 towards the beautiful Black Hills that we here at Midwest Marketing call home, you see a wide variety of billboards. A majority of those boards are telling you to stop at this place called Wall Drug. Wall Drug located in Wall, South Dakota has arguably one of the …

Beefing Up the Blog

In a world where customer interactions are always at our fingertips in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it’s easy to wonder where blogging fits into the equation. While many people consider blogging a phase that their middle school cousin went through (no Shannon, I’m not going to read it, ever), …

Hi Mom…

Hey Mom, you’re kickass. Kickass is typically not a word used to describe most moms, it’s always sweet, caring or nurturing but when it comes down to it my mom is kickass and I bet yours is too. Recently, I was at an event and in a small group discussion, a lady was talking about …

The Name Game

As I grow old, my time for sitting in quiet contemplation with my thoughts seems to run into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although, when I do get these moments, they are all the more glorious. My thinking consists of a wide variety of topics from current political happenings to if you looked …

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