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Blogs are boring. Ours isn't. Browse through our collection of thought-provoking and off the wall articles, brought to you from the creative minds at Midwest Marketing!

graphic design

Graphic Designer’s Biggest Pet Peeves

Eye-catching graphic design is integral to any business’s marketing strategy. However, it can seem impossible to get what you’re looking for if you have bumpy communication with your graphic designer. We’ve sat down with one of Midwest Marketing’s own graphic designers to pick their brain on some common pet peeves of graphic designers in order …

pay per click ad graphic

Tips for Effective Ad Placement

Ready to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) and other digital marketing ads so that your message can reach your potential customers where they are browsing, searching, shopping, and socializing? Make sure you have a well-planned ad placement and targeting strategy in place so that you put your dollars to good use! Not sure how? Here are …

A Day In The Life of an Owner of a Marketing Agency

As the owner of Midwest Marketing for almost twenty years, days have been long, days have been short, and days (and nights) have always been busy. Read on for more on what the typical day looks like for me, Dawn, the owner of one of the top marketing agencies in the Black Hills. (Extremely) Early …

website optimization

Improve Your Website’s SEO with Google Lighthouse

As you probably know, one of Midwest Marketing’s specialties is being able to optimize and improve websites so they are at their peak performance. We do that through thorough website audits, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and web design updates.  However, there is a way that you can find out what’s going on with your …

Target audience

4 Marketing Tips to Better Connect with Your Target Audience

Customers are crucial for every business.  But how well do you know yours? What is their daily media routine, what is their favorite TV show, music platform, news website, sports team, etc? If you are like most businesses, your customers are segmented, they have different routines and they most likely have different media habits than …

Marketing Plan

Why Every Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan

Opening a small business and not marketing it is like trying to swim without water. Marketing is essential to the success of any business, large or small. And now more than ever, you need to relook at your marketing in this time of crisis and confusion. The year 2020 upset the apple cart and once …

Home design

Treat Your Marketing Like The Ultimate Fixer Upper

It’s no secret that the housing marketing in the Black Hills is crazy right now. With prices being driven up from out-of-state buyers, many locals are opting instead for lower priced fixer uppers that they can show some tender loving care. Many are excited about the thought of having a place that they can customize …

Discovering Midwest Marketing’s Creative Types

It’s no secret that we have a diverse staff at Midwest Marketing. However, every role within Midwest, from our graphic designers to our digital strategists to our Vice President of Client Services, requires a certain level of creativity. Recently, everyone in the office took a test by Adobe Create on discovering creativity types (try it, …

Interactive content

5 Ways to Use Interactivity to Enhance Your Content Marketing

Want to better engage with your customers, increase conversions by 40-50%, and stay ahead your competitors? If you answered yes to any of the above, then interactive content is a must for your marketing strategy! What is Interactive Content? Interactive content allows the viewer to actively participate in the message that you are sending, from …

Why You Should Use a Marketing Agency for Media Strategy

First and foremost, a marketing agency is not a vendor, they are your strategic partner. An agency not only works on marketing but serves as a business advisor and advocator. Most importantly, they are your marketing expert. Just like you hire a plumber because they have all the knowledge, training, tools and supplies to fix your …

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