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Blogs are boring. Ours isn't. Browse through our collection of thought-provoking and off the wall articles, brought to you from the creative minds at Midwest Marketing!

Making the Most of Your Marketing Through a Co-Op This Year

Have a limited marketing budget, want to try something new with you marketing this year, or your business is part of an office complex, business group, located on a certain street, small town and so on, that share similar business ideals? Creating a shared partnership, known as a marketing cooperative, might be a fit for …

How the Heck Do You Track That?!

“How can I tell if what you’re doing is really working?” This is a sentence that every marketer has heard in the past, will hear in the future, and never wants to hear again. While our ability to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, especially digital campaigns, has increased tremendously over the past ten years, …

Failure & Unanswered Wishes

The word failure falls into the category of English nouns that roll off a person’s tongue and smack the recipient directly in the face. It’s not a word anybody associates with a good time or a happy-go-lucky scenario. Failure means you’ve lost, you’ve done something wrong, you didn’t achieve your goals… you’ve been defeated. Failure …

Time to Design – How putting a time crunch hurts and helps a designer

It pays to spend extra time explaining what you’re looking for design-wise in the earliest parts of the process. This investment of time and effort can pay off tremendously down the road. The more complicated the project the longer it will typically take. If the client is able to clearly communicate their vision for what …

This Decade in Marketing – What designers can look forward to in the 2020s

The past decade has seen a paradigm shift across sectors due to the exponential rate of digital-led growth. The world today has embraced technology as an essential part of everyday activities. Data and social media will dictate marketing content. Shortened attention spans will pave the way for snippety visuals as the most successful means of …

AI Takeover

When we talk of AI, often the first images that play in people’s minds are those of the technology that has run amok and gains sentience. Thereafter determining that humanity is obsolete and proceeds to eliminate our species off the face of the earth. Quite compelling stuff, and according to some top AI experts a …

The Hater, the Greater and the Rater

Reviews are a powerful thing. They tell a business how they are doing in the eyes of their consumers; they allow a customer an outlet to rate their experience and they allow a prospective consumer a way to research your business based on others’ experiences. This sounds like a great thing, as I am sure …

What Show Choir Taught Me About Marketing

Extracurriculars were, for many of us, a significant part of our High School careers. Whether you were part of a sports team, a yearbook committee, or drama club, there are plenty of life lessons learned from the activities in which we have partaken in our youth. Personally, I was a show choir kid. Singing and …

Marketing Of The 2010s

The past 10 years have been arguably the strangest decade we have ever seen. We’ve gone from getting our hands on the very first iPad to playing with fidget spinners, experiencing a solar eclipse, and even watching Garth Brooks return to music. The world of marketing has seen a monumental shift in the way people/businesses …

Stick With It – How Persistence in Advertising Pays Off

When I was a boy my family had horses and we would ride these mighty steeds every single weekend that the weather permitted us to. The idea was to get our horses in shape before we took them on a two week long trip to the mountains. Depending on the year we would go to …

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