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Blogs are boring. Ours isn't. Browse through our collection of thought-provoking and off the wall articles, brought to you from the creative minds at Midwest Marketing!

6 Marketing Predictions for 2021

The bar has been set low (I mean really low) for 2021. The list of adjectives used to describe last year is as long as the Great Wall of China, but when it comes down to it, the best word to describe 2020 is: weird. 2020 was without a doubt a weird year. Nothing went …

Ben Franklin’s Turkey Needed Better Marketing

If there is one bird in the history of birds that needed some marketing assistance it would be Meleagris gallopavo, the wild turkey. The journey of the turkey in the United States has been somewhat of a roller coaster. With a little marketing help, the grand gobbler could have ended up in a very different …

7 Mistakes People Make When Writing Facebook Ad Copy

The average modern person is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day, most of them being digital ads. That may seem like an excessive number until you realize that you don’t even pay attention to most of them. Most people drown out ads, scroll past them, or install ad-blockers that help them from not seeing …

6 Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Marketing

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt On the most basic level marketing is about sharing your passion, however, it can sometimes become much more confusing than that. SEO, PPC, CTV, and other acronyms can get in the way of sharing your passion if you don’t understand what they mean or …

BOOst Your Web Traffic

  I don’t know of a single business owner or employee out there that doesn’t want to increase traffic on their website. It’s a common thing to want more traffic, it’s an uncommon thing to know how to achieve it. In this article, we are going to give you a few pointers on the best …

Midwest Marketing’s Tricks and Treats

The spookiest day of the year is almost here which means little superheroes, princesses, and witches will all darken your door begging for treats while providing no tricks. Halloween is no doubt a spooky day, but there is nothing to fear when it comes to your marketing. Here are three Halloween marketing tricks and treats …

The Colors of Fall and Graphic Design

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery If you ask me, the fall season is the undisputed champion of all four seasons we get here in South Dakota, and it really isn’t much of a competition at all. From the quaking aspen trees turning to a vibrant …

5 Ways to Master Google My Business

Picture this if you will, you’re sitting in front of your computer (which you might already be doing so then you don’t even have to picture it), and you Google search for Pete’s Pet Pampering Place. Along with a plethora of search results, there is a little box on the right-hand side of the page …

Online Video: What Are YOU Watching?

Do you ever wonder how many people have the same interests as you when it comes to online video? Google was wondering the same thing, so they did an extremely interesting study analyzing 12,000 people ranging from ages 13 to 64 worldwide around why they watched what they watched in the last 24 hours. This …

Excitement & Execution

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with one, sometimes it happens while you’re doing your favorite activity, every once in a while you’ll get one watching TV, or just lounging around the house… I’m talking about an idea of course! When the lightbulb goes off and you have the most amazing …

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