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4 Ways to Use Periscope for Marketing

Many of you are thinking “seriously another social media platform to keep track” of, but we re-assure you this is one you may want to take into consideration. Why you ask? Well it allows you to live stream your business or brand in a way that shows the customer authenticity like never before. Here are …

It’s A Leap Year!

It’s a Leap Year! I’m sure this is very exciting for all you Leap Day babies out there. I mean you actually get to celebrate your birthday, on your birthday! I’m sure some on you are wondering, what is a leap year and why do we even have a Leap Year? A leap year is …

Proper Ways to Prospect

When it comes to prospecting, there isn’t just one set of rules. It depends on the type of company you are and the type of business you’re prospecting. Below are a few tactics to get you started in the world of sales. • Capitalize on your relationships. Are you a member of a non-profit board …

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ahh, lover’s day. Love it or hate it, it is best to be prepared. Even if you happen to be single, you can’t forget to tell your friends and relatives how much you love them. Is Valentine’s day just another commercialized greeting card holiday? To an extent, yes, but why not just have some fun …

Best Ads of Super Bowl 50

There’s nothing like the pressure of competing on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers experienced some. But the guys with the world on their shoulders were the advertising directors of major companies spending nearly $5 million for every 30-second commercial during the CBS telecast. Some of them risking entire advertising …

How to use Instagram to Grow Leads

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular form of advertising. Instagram builds brand trust by creating an image for your store, product or service. Instagram is a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions ad platform that can be lined through your Facebook ads account. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram. This can make your Instagram advertising …

Packaging Brilliance

We’ve all been there, you know where you buy a product based solely on the packaging. The truth is more and more companies are jumping unto the idea that packaging has a lot to do with customer appeal. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite packing ideas to date! Hanger Tea. Functional and …

Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo

2016 Marks the 39th year Rapid City has hosted the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo. Who would have thought when the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center opened in 1977, that the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo would become one of the premiere events in the tri-state region attracting more than 300,000 customers. The all-time …

Adobe Video World, A Wealth of Knowledge

I recently had a great opportunity to attend the After Effects side of the Adobe Video World conference in sunny San Jose, California (which I thought would be warmer). It was a great learning experience that taught me many useful tidbits of knowledge. First and foremost, I learned that no matter how much Dramamine I …

Sell an Experience, Not a Product

It is all in how you make your customers feel. Customers are buying the experiences they get from the products and services they purchase. Long gone are the days of our customers simply buying products and services based on price or on the product or service alone. Why else would millions of people fork out …

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