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The Power of Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads are powerful because they automate online buying processes in real-time. It allows the media buyer to set parameters such as bid price and network and base them off of the audiences’ behavior.  It also allows the buyer to adjust the buy on the fly to achieve a more desirable return of investment. This …

Ad Blocking: Love It, Don’t Fear It

First of all, what is Ad Blocking?  Ad Blocking is any program that removes ads from a user’s view. Examples include users opting to install software/hardware to eliminate ads from showing on their webpages, and recording shows with TiVo so they can fast-forward through all the commercials. What this means for advertisers is that although …

The Ever-Changing Google

Google, Google, Google…. It’s nearly impossible to keep updated with Google’s changes in search algorithms. They literally make changes hundreds of times each year. Most of these changes are minor and don’t affect our business, but every so often they smack us in the face with a huge game-changer. Although this is a pain for …

Todd’s Summer Wrap-Up

Wow summer is already over. My to do list just kept getting longer as the days went by faster. I had so many things that I wanted to get done but didn’t. My thought is, Life is short, enjoy yourself while you can! My list will still be there tomorrow. My wife and I spent …

Connect your Brand with Millennial Moms

That’s right. We are all a bunch of saps. But what makes millennial moms sappier than the rest? Well pass the tissue, because millennial moms make up the greatest lifetime monetary value of any consumer segment in the history of marketing, so your brand better get it in touch with its sensitive side. The ‘Thank …

Top 5 Logos, No Beans About It!

When we talk about logos, we think of companies such as Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds. All have iconic logos that are recognized all over the world. The consumers are the ones that have made these products relevant because of their brand loyalty. No pressure, but logos make or break a brand and are fueled …

Getting the Best out of your Actors

Barring the two groups who are notorious for being quite a challenge to handle (those being children and animals)  in my experience working to get the best out of your talent just takes a little common sense and patience. Know your Stuff The first thing I would say is to have a strong vision for …

Want to make your graphic design portfolio shine?

In this digital age, it is easy to forget that once upon a time we had to actually have a physical print of our most valued art and present it nicely in a large expensive leather portfolio for any job interview; keeping only your best pieces within fingers reach. Now, everyone can just click through …

How to Design for a Particular Target Audience

Every day audiences unconsciously form opinions about the brands to which they are exposed, having absorbed ideas and messages, which have been subtly communicated to them. This can be done successfully through a combination of typography, style, format and imagery, placed in the correct locations to guide and influence audience perception. Audience is king. You …

Why #FirstSevenJobs Matters

From the first days of Kindergarten to the day you graduate college and beyond– “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is asked over and over. Everyone has an answer for it, whether it’s “brain surgeon” or “monster truck driver.” It’s not easy to get there though. The hashtag #FirstSevenJobs is great …

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