You’ve Got to Stand for Something

Colin Kaepernick. Did you stop reading already? I know, it’s a touchy topic, and one most businesses won’t stand in the same zip code as much less write a blog about. With that being said let’s dive right in. I’m not going to waste time telling you what you already know. Nike signed former NFL… Continue reading You’ve Got to Stand for Something

The Stress Mess

Life is stressful. We’re not sure we’ve ever met anyone who wouldn’t agree with that. For many people the leading cause of stress in their lives is their job. A work stress survey of 1,000 employed Americans conducted by the Huffington Post, found that 83% of people were stressed from work. Poor compensation, unreasonable workload… Continue reading The Stress Mess

Hunting Buddy

As a kid I enjoyed to hunt and fish with my dad and brothers. As we got older we did less hunting and more fishing. Eventually I completely stopped hunting but always had the childhood memories. About 16 years ago a long time friend moved back to South Dakota. He got hooked on duck and… Continue reading Hunting Buddy

6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

I am that personality type that far too often, “flies by the seat of her pants.” It’s not a trait I’d advise. Even though it leaves room for spontaneous adventure, it can be super dysfunctional at times. So if you are like me tips on how to stay organized are always appreciated. 1. Know Your… Continue reading 6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized


Media and Sales representatives are not trying to annoy you as much as possible before you finally give in. They want to match up their products in a way that will help your company succeed. The world changes quickly. Very quickly! You now send more emails in a day than you could ever possibly make… Continue reading IT’S A WIN-WIN. REALLY!