What You Need to Know About Working with a Marketing Agency

Considering outsourcing part or all of your digital or traditional marketing to a marketing agency? If you’re pressed for time or don’t know much about marketing, an agency may be your best bet for success! Marketing agencies are teams of experts that build and execute comprehensive marketing strategies that get you closer to your business… Continue reading What You Need to Know About Working with a Marketing Agency

What is Influencer Marketing?

It is the act of influencing by inspiring change in thinking or behavior. An influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something differently. The use of an influencer has become one of the top trends in social media marketing. Influencer marketing is something I… Continue reading What is Influencer Marketing?

Trending – Live Video

The tech world moves at a blistering pace, one only has to look at the frenetic pace at which videos are uploaded to Youtube daily to attest to this fact. Trying to stand out among the thousands of hours uploaded every day can be a daunting task. Trying to find that magical combination of entertainment,… Continue reading Trending – Live Video

Latest Google Update – Medic Update

Late July and early August, Google launched their latest Broad Algorithm Update which later took on the nickname the Medic Update. Reasoning to the nickname as you may have guessed, the healthcare and wellness industries were affected the most. Though, they were not the only industries affected by the update. See chart below from SEORoundtable.… Continue reading Latest Google Update – Medic Update

7 Traditional Marketing Tips

The good ol’ days, way back when, simpler times. For some people, these poetic times mean the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. For some young whippersnappers, the days of old are anything on the wrong side of 2010. While we reminisce about what used to be and talk about how much has changed, there are still… Continue reading 7 Traditional Marketing Tips

The Stress Mess

Life is stressful. We’re not sure we’ve ever met anyone who wouldn’t agree with that. For many people the leading cause of stress in their lives is their job. A work stress survey of 1,000 employed Americans conducted by the Huffington Post, found that 83% of people were stressed from work. Poor compensation, unreasonable workload… Continue reading The Stress Mess

Why Facebook Analytics Are Important for Successful Social Media Management

The most common question we as marketers get asked is, “How can I tell if my social media management strategy is working?” Marketing has been notoriously difficult to track progress and overall effectiveness but in recent years the use of analytics has made life much simpler. Analytics for those who may not know, is the… Continue reading Why Facebook Analytics Are Important for Successful Social Media Management

Influencer Marketing

Marketing is a world of snappy catch phrases and buzzwords used to catch people’s attention, and lately one of the terms that keeps popping up is, “influencer marketing.” While influencer marketing is trendy right now the concept behind it, is nothing new. It is a spin on an old-school tactic that can be very effective.… Continue reading Influencer Marketing

Reputation Management: Handling the Harmful Review

We’ve all seen it, the dreaded one-star review. As much as we would like to think that our businesses would never get a bad review, they do happen. We all work hard to make our customers happy and ensure that the time spent with our businesses is as enjoyable as possible. When somebody has not… Continue reading Reputation Management: Handling the Harmful Review