4 Website Design Tips for Success in 2022

Whether you’re looking to build a new company website or would like to enhance your current website’s conversions and profitability, we have some website design tips that will help you reach your  business goals! Check out the following recommendations for taking your website to the next level in 2022: 1. Use Dynamic Content We have… Continue reading 4 Website Design Tips for Success in 2022

What is Influencer Marketing?

It is the act of influencing by inspiring change in thinking or behavior. An influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something differently. The use of an influencer has become one of the top trends in social media marketing. Influencer marketing is something I… Continue reading What is Influencer Marketing?

The Stress Mess

Life is stressful. We’re not sure we’ve ever met anyone who wouldn’t agree with that. For many people the leading cause of stress in their lives is their job. A work stress survey of 1,000 employed Americans conducted by the Huffington Post, found that 83% of people were stressed from work. Poor compensation, unreasonable workload… Continue reading The Stress Mess

We’re in The People Business

I’ve been fascinated with music for as long as my mind can remember. There has always been something about the sound waves coming out of grandpa’s rusty old farm truck radio that connected with me on a deeper level than I ever knew was possible. As grandpa would teach me how to drive we would… Continue reading We’re in The People Business

Find Your Herd

Around the time I was nine years old my family and I packed up our vehicle and drove until we hit this little place known as Custer State Park. Being originally from Minnesota, Custer State Park was somewhat of a mind-blowing experience for me. From the twisting and turning of Needles Highway to the deer,… Continue reading Find Your Herd

Walking Before You Run

How to Start the Marketing Process Marketing can be a tricky world littered with buzz words, elevator pitches, and different strategies. While some people have this world mastered, others are just starting out. Trying to figure out how to market your specific business can be a daunting task when you are new to the game.… Continue reading Walking Before You Run

Social Media Don’ts

With social media marketing being one of the most effective ways to reach customers in present day, we are often told by others how we should manage our social media accounts. While there is so much focus on what you should be doing on social media there are also some things that you should stay… Continue reading Social Media Don’ts

Google Small Thanks Update

Click the image above to view the pdf on how to use Google Small Thanks. If you would like Midwest Marketing to help your business with Small Thanks, or your Online Reputation Management give us a call! 605-716-5666

Branding: The Importance of Brand Standards

Brands are created to reflect the value of a company and to appeal to its customers. It is as important as the product or service you provide. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to have your brand created, now it’s time to make sure it always has the same appearance. Maintaining a consistent… Continue reading Branding: The Importance of Brand Standards

6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

I am that personality type that far too often, “flies by the seat of her pants.” It’s not a trait I’d advise. Even though it leaves room for spontaneous adventure, it can be super dysfunctional at times. So if you are like me tips on how to stay organized are always appreciated. 1. Know Your… Continue reading 6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized