6 Ways to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

These days, it seems like people do everything online, from shopping for shoes and ordering their favorite food to furthering their education and looking for jobs. With Internet traffic reaching higher and higher levels every year, it makes sense why many brands have moved more of their marketing dollars into digital marketing strategies. However, traditional… Continue reading 6 Ways to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

Direct Mail Comeback

Back when I was a boy, I attended college at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD. When I was at DWU I would always look forward to going down to the mailroom, opening up my mailbox and seeing if there were any surprises inside. Often times I was disappointed, as the only thing waiting for… Continue reading Direct Mail Comeback

The Great Billboard Debate

As you drive west along Interstate 90 towards the beautiful Black Hills that we here at Midwest Marketing call home, you see a wide variety of billboards. A majority of those boards are telling you to stop at this place called Wall Drug. Wall Drug located in Wall, South Dakota has arguably one of the… Continue reading The Great Billboard Debate

7 Traditional Marketing Tips

The good ol’ days, way back when, simpler times. For some people, these poetic times mean the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. For some young whippersnappers, the days of old are anything on the wrong side of 2010. While we reminisce about what used to be and talk about how much has changed, there are still… Continue reading 7 Traditional Marketing Tips